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Centre for University Core

The Centre for University Core (CUC) is committed to promote the University’s focus on applied social sciences for lifelong learning through SUSS Core courses and its scholarship. 

CUC is made up of academics from the humanities and social sciences in their areas of research interests. Collectively, they contribute to the cross-disciplinary perspectives of the SUSS Core courses, and are committed to the teaching and research in the areas of ethics, heritage and urbanisation, technology and sustainability.

The SUSS Core courses provide a common experience in the humanities and applied social sciences to all SUSS undergraduate students to achieve the broader goals of cross-disciplinary knowledge and competencies, and emphasise the importance and role of human skills in a technologised world. The Core offers a dedicated cluster of courses focused on emerging and complex local and global issues, teaching students to think critically, reflexively, empathetically and creatively to provide well-reasoned personal responses as well as responses as trained professionals in their respective areas.

SUSS Core Courses

All SUSS undergraduate students share a common experience in the SUSS Core as they develop key skillsets in thinking and reasoning skills across disciplines; competencies in communication, problem-solving and team-work; skills at managing diversity and collaboration to co-create fresh ideas – all to make general connections with everyday contexts locally and globally. 

Full-time and Part-time students from all programmes read the SUSS Core compulsory courses in common. In addition to the compulsory courses, full-time students will take SUSS Core restricted electives to broaden their inquiry skills. Beyond these courses, all students have the option of reading SUSS Core unrestricted electives to fulfil their elective and general elective requirements. 



Learn more about our SUSS Core courses.

Faculty and Research

The faculty team runs a series of academic sharing; presenting their own areas of research interests every quarter. CUC also curates Paradigm, a multi-disciplinary electronic magazine that explores the complexities of emerging issues.

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Students can approach faculty members as supervisors of SCO399 Design-X, or facilitate student-initiated reading groups or workshop series. 

Learn more about Design-X.



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