The SUSS Core courses form the foundational and common experience in applied humanities and social sciences for all SUSS undergraduates. They develop in students the skills to think critically and reflexively about the social world around them; help students connect with what is important in life and develop appropriate responses such as articulating their goals beyond the confines of their immediate surroundings.

The SUSS Core offers courses that take a cross-disciplinary perspective on emerging global issues and incorporate a practical component to integrate "teaching and learning" with "doing". These courses are organised into three clusters: to develop in students the skills to question, broaden, and co-create learning; support social innovation with community-oriented outputs; and achieve learning objectives through practical outcomes (e.g. websites, apps, infographics, poster presentations, awareness campaigns, or service learning projects) where student learning can continue beyond the SUSS Core.


Thinking and Reasoning
This cluster focuses on different types of critical inquiry and decision-making


Inquiry and Impact
This cluster looks at the science in the social sciences as it guides students through the framing and conduct of social inquiry, and assessment of policies and their impacts.


Meaning and Imagination
This cluster guides students through the process of meaning-making through creative expressions.

To help our students learn more about the humanities and social sciences before taking these courses, the Centre for University Core has curated some useful online resources here.



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