Work-Study Degree (WSDeg)

The Work-Study Degree is part of a suite of Work-Study Programmes offered by SUSS in collaboration with our partner organisations. The programme allows students to acquire deep, work-relevant skills, which will help students better transit to the workplace upon graduation. It is applicable for current full-time students of SUSS taking the following programmes:

Current full-time students may apply for this, from their 2nd year of study onwards, subject to vacancies and passing the interviews with the respective partner organisations.

SUSS adopts the Work-Day / Study-Day model for WSDeg, where students alternate between working a few days of the week in the partner company, and studying for the remaining days of the week.

For the Bachelor of Accountancy programme, SUSS adopts the Term-In / Term-Out model, where students alternate between spending terms in university and at the workplace.

Compared to SUSS's Work Attachment (6 months), the duration for Work-Study training is longer at 12 months.

To qualify for Work-Study Degree, you need to be enrolled as a full-time student in SUSS. For more information on the admission criteria for the full-time undergraduate programmes, please click here.

* Applicants opting for the Bachelor of Accountancy Work-Study Degree MUST indicate their choice for WSDeg when submitting admission application, instead of from their 2nd year of study onwards..

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Work-Study Degree (WSDeg)

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